Maria Luz - personal & responsible

Maria Luz isn´t just a name of another company, enterprise or organization.

Maria Luz is a real-life person and the owner of this organization. She has been dedicated in finding the appropriate qualified staff in the healthcare sector for over 7 years now. She was a partner at Stepjob and founded then the company Selectee, with it´s main focus on personnel casting in Southern Europe.

A trend that has become more and more noticeable over the past years is that on the one hand, there are countries with a lack of specialist which is paralyzing companies and on the other hand, there are countries where young people are desperately looking for a perspective for themselves and their families.

Maria Luz Personal Organisation closes this gap. We see ourselves as a organization, which intends to bridge the gap between jobseeker and the employer. We create a future for companies and employees.

You would like to arrange a consultation or an individual offer, or just require further information? Don´t hesitate to contact us - we are pleased to receive your call or your message! Contact