Mediation of specialists

The EU makes it possible

Germany is an interesting country and offers a wide range of opportunities for specialists from abroad.
The new EU Directive on the Recognition of Professional Qualifications came into force in 2005.
It provides that the Member States of the EU recognize each other's vocational qualifications as being equivalent.
In general, the German authorities require a German language certificate with a level of at least B2 to obtain the Approbation for doctors in Germany.

Moreover, in the Southern EU Member States, unlike Germany, there is no lack of qualified personnel, on the contrary, here top-trained doctors look for
a reasonable income and growth opportunities for themselves and their families.
Furthermore, we have experienced that in rural and difficult locations or in border regions of Eastern Germany, employees from other EU countries
are more motivated to work in the long term.

For many specialists from the Eastern EU Member States even the most difficult location in Germany is a huge improvement.

The schedule

  1. You name the vacancies to be filled
  2. We look for suitable candidates and suggest them to you
  3. If you are interested, we will organize a first contact via video chat or phone with the candidate
  4. Then, we suggest, the candidate should spend time in your facility. We will take over the organization
  5. After a successful internship, we initiate the approbation process at the resective authority
  6. If you and the candiate agree, you will arrange anything else among each other
  7. Your problem has been solved, we have done our work and together we have created new perspectives