In the course of the year we will arrange some CASTINGS in Italy to recruit professionals for our partner clinics and offer the opportunity to recruit a high number of specialists. Here we implement a highly interesting program, since we are talking about candidates who don´t speak a word German. In this program the candidates will be prepared during a period of 6 months for their new workplace in Germany.


The course of this program

We arrange free casting events and offer our partners the opportunity to participate, to meet candidates for vacancies and to conduct personal interviews. The interviews are accompanied by translators and the clinic selects the applicants on the basis of their specific specialist qualifications.

As soon as the candidates receive an employment guarantee, the candidates will also receive funding, in collaboration with the EURES mobility program of the European Commission, "Your first EURES job", for the following steps into the new future.

In combination with the employment guarantee of the clinic and the received funding, the candidates will attend an intensive German language course for a period of 6 - 8 months. After completing this course, the candidates are ready for the new job in Germany. Of course, we handle all the necessary bureaucratic steps!

In our mediation process, we adapt to the wishes and requirements of our contract partners. In advance, we will introduce you to the profiles of the candidates who are taking part in the casting so that you can decide which candidate you would like to meet personally in the casting.

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We are looking forward to creating new perspectives together with you!

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