Video casting

Also, the clinics share the same advantage: we present you to them and their representative doesn´t have to travel as well. You - candidate and clinic - meet online and have the possibility to get to know each other and find out if you fit together. We are time-independent and can thereby mediate you faster to your desired workstation.

Thereafter, the clinics offer an opportunity to observe the daily work routine in their facilities (work shadowing). During the work shadowing, employer and potential employee have the opportunity to get to know each other better and you have the opportunity to prove your skills. We are absolutely convinced that this process supports you as a candidate and you will find the job that fits you to start a prosperous future!

The process is as follows:


  • We present candidate profiles to the clinic and they select who they would like to get to know
  • We conduct a video interview with a predefined set of questions or organize a Skypeinterview with te help of an interpreter
  • If interested, the clinic will invite you to observe the daily work routine on-site in Germany
  • After a positive decision, you will receive an employment guarantee
      (This is important to get the financial support of the European Commission's EURES mobility program known as "Your first Eures job")
  • Thereafter, the German language course begins, either in your home country as an online course or as a extra-occupational residential course in Germany
  • After a 6-month German language course and obtaining the B2 language certificate, you start your new job in Germany

Sample videos

Here you can see an example of a video casting. The clinic sent us the questions to the candidate in advance and we conduct the interview according to these guidelines.

Subsequently, our interpreter will conduct the conversation.

Here you can see an example of how not to do it. Things you should avoid during a video casting!

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